Argosy S.r.l. stands as a testament to a rich history and is deeply ingrained in the historical activities of the esteemed Fratelli Cosulich Group. Founded in 1972 by an international group, the reins of Argosy were later entrusted to the Chiesa family, marking a pivotal chapter in its journey. With a primary focus on shipping and forwarding agency services, Argosy found its anchor in the port city of Livorno.

A cooperative collaboration:
The narrative of Argosy intertwines with the collaborative spirit shared between the Chiesa family and the Cosulich family. For many years, these two families worked hand in hand, fostering a cooperative relationship that laid the groundwork for Argosy's enduring presence in the maritime landscape. In 2020, Argosy found a new home within the Fratelli Cosulich Group, further solidifying its place in the Group's legacy.

Mission of excellence:
Operating from its strategic base in Livorno, Argosy is on a mission to deliver high-quality services to its esteemed customers. The backbone of this mission is a team of highly qualified and diversified professionals, each equipped with years of invaluable experience. Argosy caters to a diverse fleet of vessels, including bulk carriers, petrochemical vessels, LNG vessels, Ro-Ro and car carrier vessels, among others.

Comprehensive service portfolio:
Argosy's service portfolio extends beyond traditional agency roles. The company offers a wide array of ancillary services, encompassing husbandry and owners matters, spare parts and supplies coordination, customs operations, crew changes, bunkering, ship supplies, and more. The company's adaptability shines through in its ability to operate across various vessel types, showcasing its versatility in meeting the dynamic needs of the maritime industry.

Strategic partnership with Cosulich Group:
In a testament to its strategic positioning, Argosy serves as the agent of the FRSU Toscana regasificator, a vital role that includes manning assistance, LNG vessel agency services, and custom formalities assistance for LNG cargo import from FRSU Toscana. The strong partnership with the Cosulich Group enhances Argosy's capabilities, enabling it to provide comprehensive assistance across a spectrum of maritime activities.

A vision for the future:
Argosy embraces a forward-looking approach, consistently seeking new projects and opportunities. The company is poised to strengthen and expand its network of relationships, ensuring unwavering assistance to its valued customers. As Argosy sails into the future under the banner of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, it remains dedicated to upholding the standards of excellence that define its storied legacy.