Shores of Opportunity: the Group voyage from and to UK and Ireland

Business Units operating in this country

Freight Forwarding

Trucking and Intermodal

England stands as the birthplace of modern maritime commerce, and Fratelli Cosulich Group has been navigating the shores of the UK and Ireland since the dawn of the new millennium. With a legacy deeply rooted in the maritime heritage of these lands, we bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to the forefront of logistics solutions in the region.

Our presence in the UK and Ireland spans vital sectors of freight forwarding, trucking, and intermodal activities, ensuring seamless transportation networks across borders. With four strategically positioned companies, including two in joint-venture partnerships with prominent European players, we stand poised to meet the diverse needs of our clients with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.
Situated in close proximity to the UK's major ports, we play a pivotal role in importing the majority of goods into the country, facilitating the smooth flow of commerce. 
Additionally, our strategic base near the capital of Ireland strengthens our foothold in the region, positioning us to provide comprehensive logistics solutions across the Irish Sea.

As the challenges of Brexit loom on the horizon, Fratelli Cosulich Group remains steadfast in its commitment to bolstering the logistical infrastructure of the UK and Ireland. Our investments are aimed at reinforcing the capacity for goods movement between continental Europe, Italy, and the British Isles, ensuring uninterrupted trade flows amidst evolving regulatory landscapes.

In the face of uncertainty, our group stands ready to leverage its decades of expertise and industry-leading capabilities to navigate the complexities of post-Brexit logistics. Together, we forge ahead, charting new courses of success and prosperity in the maritime legacy of the UK and Ireland.

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