Monaco Principality: nurturing elegance in Bunker Trading and Yachting

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Warehousing and Depot

In the glamorous Principality of Monaco, our presence is deeply ingrained, flourishing in two main areas – bunker trading and yachting activities.

Fratelli Cosulich Monaco has become synonymous with bunker trading excellence, a legacy built over decades of unwavering commitment. As a global player in the Marine Energy sector, our bunker trading services are recognized for their reliability and responsiveness, catering to the intricate demands of the marine industry on a global scale. 

Our venture into the world of yachting, under the Catalano Shipping Services umbrella, is a testament to our commitment to luxury services. 
With a strategic portfolio comprising over 20 companies, we offer a spectrum of services crucial for our clients. From yachting agency services for streamlined bureaucracy management to car rentals, property services, shipchandling, warehousing, and catering – our offerings are a seamless blend of luxury and functionality.

While our roots are deeply embedded in Monaco, our vision has propelled us beyond its borders. The reach of our yachting activities now extends seamlessly from Monaco along the illustrious French Riviera to the enchanting Portofino, in Italy.
This geographical expansion not only underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled services but also establishes a cohesive continuum within our Group, providing a holistic approach to yachting services.

In Monaco, where luxury meets innovation, we stand as more than a company: we are custodians of a legacy.
Our contributions to the marine and yachting industries are not just functional but are also woven into the very fabric of Monaco's allure. From critical bunker trading services that keep maritime activities afloat to a diverse range of yachting-related solutions that embody the epitome of luxury, we are an integral part of Monaco's maritime narrative.

With decades of excellence behind us, our commitment to providing top-tier services reflects our role in shaping Monaco's future as a beacon of maritime sophistication and efficiency.

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