Turkey: the door to the Mediterranean and Asia


More than a decade ago, we embarked on a remarkable journey with Turkey, a nation known for its rich history and dynamic economy. Our voyage began with a strategic alliance with ARKAS Holding, one of Turkey's preeminent companies, and this partnership has flourished ever since. Together, we established ARKAS Italia, a shipping agency based in Genoa and Naples, responsible for managing the vital routes connecting Italy to the Mediterranean. It was the foundation upon which our enduring connection with Turkey was laid. 

In 2004, our vision for growth and innovation led to the inception of Fratelli Cosulich Turkey, our Freight Forwarding company. As Turkey's economy gained momentum, new opportunities emerged on the horizon. Seizing the moment, we ventured further, creating two distinct companies: Italmare Logistic and OC Lines Turkey. The former specializes in logistic solutions, while the latter stands as a dynamic shipping and freight forwarding agency. 
Our commitment to forging lasting bonds with Turkey saw the creation of Arcese Cosulich Turkey, a trucking company designed to facilitate road transportation to and from Turkey. This endeavor was cemented with the strong partnership with the Arcese family, bringing more reliable and comprehensive transportation solutions to the region. Additionally, Sultan Antrepo joined our family of services, providing warehousing solutions with a remarkable range of warehouse assets. Although we serve every corner of Turkey, our primary offices are strategically located in Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul

As a testament to our unwavering commitment to Turkey, 2022 marked a significant milestone in our journey. We proudly declared our dedication through a substantial merger and acquisition activity, by acquiring MESCO International Forwarding. This growing and vibrant company, with a young team of professionals and a comprehensive portfolio of services in the freight forwarding sector, is a prime example of our dedication to the country. Our commitment to Turkey is not just a business venture: it's a narrative of collaboration, growth, and mutual success, illustrating how deeply we value our connection with this dynamic nation. 

Fratelli Cosulich Group is operating worldwide, with key areas of the world under its expertise