Central Eastern Europe: connecting regions, creating solutions


In the picturesque town of Mali Lošinj, Croatia, our story began in 1857 when the Cosulich Family established the foundations of our company as shipowners.

Almost 170 years later, our legacy extends not only within the enchanting landscapes of Croatia but also across several countries strategically positioned as the neural centers for European business and logistical activities.

Our extensive regional presence is a testament to our commitment to Central Europe, with strategically located offices in Austria, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
These locations serve as hubs for our multifaceted operations, connecting us seamlessly with the pulse of the region.

At the heart of our operations is TPG EXPRESS, a brand under the Express Global Group. The result of the merger between TPG Logistik, a prominent player in Slovenia and Austria, and Express Global, TPG EXPRESS is a powerhouse in the realm of freight forwarding, delivering seamless logistics solutions across Central Europe. 

Our strategic partnership with COSCO Shipping solidifies our role in the region, acting as representatives for an essential segment of the Silk Road. This collaboration with one of the world's foremost shipowners and carriers enhances the efficiency of our operations, ensuring optimal outcomes for our stakeholders.

Diverse services form the backbone of our operations in Central Eastern Europe: from warehousing and depots to intermodal services, our comprehensive approach ensures the smooth and efficient movement of goods.
Our fleet of trucks, operating under our companies, further strengthens our capabilities, facilitating the seamless transportation of goods across the region.

In the exclusive yachting area of Croatia, our presence is not just about business; it's about investing in a region that is growing in importance year after year. Our commitment is tangible through strategic investments in shipchandling companies, offering a comprehensive solution to the evolving needs of the flourishing yachting industry that we have covered since its inception thanks to our business partner under our company Simmor Marine.

Our journey in Central Eastern Europe is a narrative of resilience, adaptation, and sustained excellence
As we navigate the crossroads of European business activities, our focus remains steadfast on delivering value, fostering growth, and contributing to the dynamic landscape of Central Eastern Europe.

Fratelli Cosulich Group is operating worldwide, with key areas of the world under its expertise