Established in 2017, DepoLink d.o.o. has been at the forefront of transforming container services for shipping lines and empty container owners. The primary focus of the company is to provide additional, strategically located facilities for storing empty containers in close proximity to the Port of Koper, enhancing overall logistical efficiency.

Strategic land acquisition and facilities:
DepoLink has successfully secured more than 30,000 square meters of land under a long-term rental agreement. This prime location lies just outside the Port of Koper area, ensuring optimal accessibility for container-related operations. The company's commitment to offering services as near as possible to the port highlights its dedication to streamlining container management.

Comprehensive services and growth assurance:
The array of services provided by DepoLink encompasses container handling and storage, container repair and cleaning, pre-trip inspections (PTI) for reefer containers, and transportation (shuttle) to and from the Port of Koper. These services, coupled with a long-term agreement, form the cornerstone of DepoLink's commitment to sustained business growth. This stability facilitates significant investments and future developments, solidifying its position as a key player in the evolving landscape of container services.

Expanding reach and synergies:
Beyond the Port of Koper, DepoLink has extended its presence with branches in Rijeka and Belgrade. This strategic expansion enables the company to cater to the logistics needs of these areas while creating synergies with other entities within the group. The result is an unparalleled portfolio of solutions that address the diverse and evolving requirements of the maritime and logistics industries.

DepoLink d.o.o. stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability, playing a pivotal role in optimizing container-related services and contributing to the seamless functioning of logistics in the regions it serves.


DepoLink d.o.o. Koper management