In a significant development, Comunico S.r.l. officially became part of GeneSYS Informatica S.r.l., the IT arm of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, in March 2020. This strategic integration marks the culmination of a long and successful collaboration.

Pioneer in Software consulting and development:
Comunico stands as a pioneering company, specializing in the consulting, development, and resale of software. Renowned for its highly innovative components, the company operates at the forefront of Project Management and Business Intelligence. Its expertise lies in transforming operational and accounting data into powerful tools that add value, particularly in the realm of defining and achieving strategic objectives.

Innovation in Project Management and Business Intelligence:
At the heart of Comunico's offerings are cutting-edge solutions in Project Management and Business Intelligence. The company leverages its proficiency to provide transformative tools that empower organizations to navigate complex operational landscapes. Comunico's innovative approach ensures that data becomes a strategic asset, facilitating informed decision-making and goal attainment.

Value-added Services for strategic objectives:
Comunico's portfolio is designed to go beyond conventional software services. The company excels in delivering value-added tools that play a crucial role in shaping and realizing strategic objectives. By unlocking the potential within operational and financial data, Comunico enables businesses to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Expansion within GeneSYS Informatica:
Within the GeneSYS Informatica framework, Comunico continues to expand its range of services. This strategic alignment positions Comunico to leverage the synergies within GeneSYS Informatica and the broader Fratelli Cosulich Group. The integration opens up new avenues for collaboration, innovation, and the delivery of advanced IT solutions across various sectors.