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He graduated in 1984 and started working in his family business. After his return from the military service, he began a career as an employee, first as an accountant at the Devidson/Eurosei Group, then as an installer of accounting management systems at Unicalc in rapallo. He then moved to the shipping industry, working in the administration office at Carboflotta group in Genoa. During a subsequent experience at Generale conserve, he decided to found Comunico S.r.l., where he still is the Director. In 2005 and 2008, he founded two other companies: the first specialized in data analysis and Business Intelligence DCI Lab, and the second - KTlabs ltd- for the development of add-ons for QlikView in Ireland. Today, they are both closed. In Comunico S.r.l., firstly he was a system strainer for merchant ships maintenance, then he became a systems consultant for decision support. In 2000, they started a distribution activity of project management applications for Italy. In 2020, he became managing Director of the company, after its acquisition by GeneSYS Informatica.


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