Morgan 4Ship S.r.l. stands as a pivotal player in the logistics landscape, commanding a significant storage and logistics hub in Central Italy. With a sprawling warehouse covering approximately 6,000 sqm, the company specializes in handling both food and non-food products.

State-of-the-art infrastructure:
The warehouse is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including refrigerating cells designed for optimal storage conditions. These include cells operating at -20 °C with a capacity for 600 pallets and cells set at +5 °C with a capacity for 150 pallets. Additionally, the facility accommodates over 1,000 pallets at room temperature, ensuring versatility in handling a diverse range of products.

Customs approved warehouse:
Recognized as a customs approved warehouse, Morgan 4Ship S.r.l. facilitates seamless import and export operations for its clients. This status underscores the company's commitment to compliance and efficiency in managing the complexities of international trade.

Specialized ship-chandling services:
In the realm of ship-chandling, Morgan 4Ship S.r.l. stands out by offering an extensive inventory of approximately 1,500 products in stock. This comprehensive selection ensures the ability to cater to ships with crews of diverse nationalities and varying culinary preferences across all Italian ports.

Dynamic growth in logistics:
Morgan 4Ship is at the forefront of the storage and logistics sector, experiencing a significant surge in development. This growth is particularly pronounced in groupage services, notably for the export of wines. The company has positioned itself as a key player in storing food products at -20°C, responding to evolving market demands and trends.