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Franco di Mauro embarked on his professional journey in 1987, leveraging his scientific background. His career commenced at Domenico Cimmino General Ship Chandlers, where he assumed the role of warehouse manager. In 1996, he advanced to the SAIT Spa Central Purchasing Department, where he served as the group leader for prominent entities, including Domenico Cimmino Sr, Ifin Srl, Finapple Srl, Immobiliare Glassflake Europe Spa, and Thermo Isolriv Spa.
Functioning as a trusted liaison reporting directly to managing directors, Franco oversaw and strategically planned purchases across headquarters and various companies and construction sites globally. His responsibilities spanned thermal insulation products, scaffolding, asbestos remediation on industrial plants and ships, naval carpentry, industrial supplies, construction, and real estate. In 2010, he embraced a new challenge at Fibran Spa's plasterboard production plant, where he excelled as the Purchasing Management and Safety Manager until June 2019.
In 2019, Franco di Mauro joined the Cosulich Group, contributing his expertise to the Morgan4Ship project in Livorno. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), he spearheads the development of naval supply and logistics activities, showcasing his dedication to advancing the group's strategic initiatives.


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