With a legacy dating back to 1985, Mac Welding has been a stalwart in the realm of professional and industrial welding. The company has been a reliable partner, providing sales consultancy and technical support to a diverse clientele.

Centrally located hub in Milan:
Nestled in its modern headquarters in Milan, Mac Welding serves as a pivotal resource for artisans, freelancers, and industries across Lombardy. The company takes pride in guiding clients through the selection and maintenance of welding systems and installations tailored to their specific business needs.

Client-centric approach and anticipatory service:
Mac Welding's profound understanding of the welding sector enables it to align with clients, anticipating their needs and providing proactive solutions. The company doesn't just meet expectations; it strives to exceed them.

Empowering clients through Masterweld – Welding advice:
At the heart of Mac Welding's commitment to excellence is the Masterweld – Welding Advice project. This initiative empowers clients with advanced specialized consultancy services in the realm of industrial welding. The Masterweld team, comprising highly qualified and specialized technicians, consistently manages welding-related matters in line with evolving industry standards.

Comprehensive services for market compliance:
Masterweld aims to address market demands comprehensively, providing clients with a full-service experience. The team's expertise and continuous professional development allow them to navigate the intricacies of welding quality dictated by new regulations. Through tailored courses and consultations, Mac Welding imparts knowledge to client companies, laying the foundation for compliance with current standards. The resulting certifications not only enhance market competitiveness but also add visibility and value to client enterprises.

Mac Welding S.r.l. continues to be a beacon of excellence, driving the welding industry forward through knowledge, service, and a commitment to client success.