Olive was born in 2024, but it's been on everyone's lips forever. It’s a creative communication agency, the first within the Fratelli Cosulich Group, the very first to make honesty its core positioning. 
An Olive never lies, except under its own tree. It’s always true, honest, sometimes flawed, therefore authentic. 
And that's how its communication is, with and for its clients.
Created from the meeting between the B2B communication experts of GeneSYS Commercial Intelligence and a team of creatives experienced in B2C communication for national and international brands, Olive hits the market to handle a broad spectrum of communication projects. 
They keep overseeing the digital communication of the Fratelli Cosulich Group's companies, expanding their services outward to include brand strategy, advertising campaigns, web solutions, portal development, intranet and digital systems, and production of both digital and traditional content.