Formally recognized as Griffin Marine Travel Italy, this agency has evolved into a specialized entity dedicated to handling embarkation, disembarkation, and travel arrangements for seafaring crews, technicians, and on-board inspectors. Established in 1998 through a collaboration between Fratelli Cosulich and the Griffin group, Griffin Marine Travel Italy began its operational journey the following year. In a highly competitive market, the agency swiftly sought visibility, distinguishing itself through competence and professionalism.

Decades of dedication:
Over the years, Griffin Marine Travel Italy has cultivated strong loyalty among its clientele. The agency's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has fostered decade-long relationships with many clients. The mission is clear and focused: to propose the best itineraries that align with customer requirements at optimal rates. Griffin Marine Travel Italy stands out by actively assisting clients in navigating the unpredictable situations inherent in the maritime sector.

Transition and Growth:
In a pivotal transition at the end of 2014, the Griffin group divested its participation to the ATPI group, a leading company not only in the maritime sector but also actively engaged in business travel, sports, and corporate events. This change in partnership injected new life into Griffin Marine Travel Italy. The current challenge, seen as both difficult and stimulating, is to evolve from a small and dynamic agency into a more structured entity fully integrated with the resources of two major groups, namely Fratelli Cosulich and ATPI. The goal is to enhance attractiveness to potential customers in the ever-evolving landscape of travel services.

Key focus areas:
Griffin Marine Travel Italy's primary focus is on offering seamless and efficient travel solutions for those involved in the maritime industry. From crew members to technicians and inspectors, the agency ensures that travel arrangements align with the unique demands of the sector. The commitment to providing the best itineraries, coupled with proactive assistance during unforeseen circumstances, underscores the agency's dedication to customer-centric service.

Strategic integration:
The partnership with Fratelli Cosulich and ATPI provides Griffin Marine Travel Italy with a strategic edge. By leveraging the resources and tools of these prominent groups, the agency aims to bolster its capabilities and become even more appealing to new and potential customers.

Forward-thinking approach:
Griffin Marine Travel Italy navigates the complexities of the maritime travel sector with a forward-thinking mindset. The agency embraces the challenges of growth and transformation, embracing its role as an integral player in the dynamic intersection of travel, maritime, and corporate services.

As Griffin Marine Travel Italy charts its course through the ever-changing waters of the travel industry, its legacy of customer loyalty, operational excellence, and strategic integration positions it as a key player in the realm of maritime travel services.

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