Founded in Genoa in 1986, Argenton & Soci has been steadfastly serving companies in the shipping industry, evolving from software solutions and IT support to becoming a specialized player in satellite telecommunications, particularly within the maritime sector. Over the years, its services, catering mainly to commercial ships and superyachts, have garnered a significant market share among leading shipowners.

Comprehensive satellite communication services:
With extensive experience and strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Navarino, Kvh, Otesat-Maritel, and Speedcast, Argenton & Soci offers certified technical assistance and commercial support for satellite communication equipment and software. The company provides remote assistance and on-board services, ensuring seamless connectivity both nationally and internationally.

Strategic decision for growth:
Expressing a long-standing desire to join a larger group, Argenton & Soci sees this acquisition as an opportunity to expand its operations further. The company is honored to become part of GeneSYS Informatica, and by extension, the Fratelli Cosulich Group. This strategic move is anticipated to strengthen its market position, build an extensive network of relationships, and foster new synergies. The alignment of values, family-oriented business approach, and international recognition of the Fratelli Cosulich Group align with Argenton & Soci's vision for growth beyond national borders.

A vision for the future:
Maurizio Argenton, President of Argenton & Soci, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the shared philosophy and family-driven business model. He sees the Fratelli Cosulich Group as an internationally recognized entity with a historic role in the shipping industry, offering opportunities for expansion and growth.

Strategic importance for GeneSYS:
Matteo Cosulich, President of GeneSYS Informatica and CEO of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, emphasizes the significance of this acquisition. It aligns with the group's strategy of external growth through mergers and acquisitions, following the acquisition of Comunico S.r.l. in 2020. In the context of expanding maritime activities, the acquisition of Argenton & Soci contributes to enhancing both armatorial operations and the range of IT solutions provided by GeneSYS, fostering synergies across the group's entities.

Argenton & Soci is committed to become a leading force in maritime satellite communications, joining forces with GeneSYS to propel growth and synergies across the Fratelli Cosulich Group.