Established in 1981 in Novara, Italy, TRASGO has transformed from a specialized transportation provider into a global logistics powerhouse. 
With a network spanning 14 warehouse facilities covering 300,000 square meters and a fleet of over 320 trucks, TRASGO stands as a multifaceted giant in the industry.

At the core of TRASGO's success lies a comprehensive suite of services encompassing transportation, warehousing, customs operations, cargo handling, trade fair logistics, and direct warehouse management. Positioned to meet the evolving demands of the industry, TRASGO offers transport excellence, warehousing prowess, and global reach.
Benefiting from its extensive network, TRASGO seamlessly caters to intra-European logistics needs while forging valuable international partnerships. As a formidable player in the global logistics arena, TRASGO is poised to redefine industry standards and deliver unparalleled excellence to its stakeholders.

The acquisition of TRASGO signifies not only an expansion in coverage but also highlights the transformative results of collaboration and synergy. TRASGO's capability to create added value across borders underscores the potency of uniting international players. For both Fratelli Cosulich Group and COSCO, this acquisition represents a pivotal moment in the Group’s history, expanding its footprint and diversifying operations to align with the ever-evolving industry.