Meeting to review business developments in Turkey



February 07, 2023

Business Unit



The President Augusto Cosulich, alongside with the General Manager Lorenzo Momigliano, and Francesco Becchi and Marta Cosulich Jr, members of the HQ Financial Team, spent a week in Turkey reviewing the Fratelli Cosulich group's business developments over there. The team analysed the results achieved in 2022 and worked on the new strategies planned for 2023.

Mr Augusto and the team met the Fratelli Cosulich Turkey team and its affiliated companies, including MESCO International Forwarding, the latest company to have joined the Group.

Unfortunately, during those days, Turkey was hit by the catastrophic earthquake.Our Group immediately worked hard to provide as much assistance as possible, also according to our expertise on the logistic side, with the will to be helpful.

We send our closeness and deepest condolences to all those affected by this tragedy, which shocked everyone nationally and internationally.