Link Industries welcomed ANICTA members for their annual assembly


November 21, 2023

Business Unit

Maritime, Building and Industrial Supply

The Link Industries team had the pleasure of welcoming members of ANICTA (Associazione Nazionale Imprenditori Coibentazioni Termiche ed Acustiche) for their annual assembly.

This year's event spanned across two days, from 20 to 21 October, by choice of the association's new President Mrs. Mannucci, with the aim of enriching the occasion with different activities and favoring moments of meeting and conviviality among attendees. 

Link Industries not only supported the organization of the event, but this year had the honor of hosting the meeting.  The first day was dedicated to more technical and formal engagements, with emphasis on the new energy efficiency standard for industrial plants. The day culminated in a dinner at the Grand Hotel Savoia, made special with the involvement of Paroc Group.  The last day revolved around fostering conviviality, with a memorable trip to Portofino, a delightful gastronomic tour, and a dinner held in Boccadasse. 

A perfect two-day event served as an ideal platform for sharing insights, exchanging ideas and strengthening links within the industry.