Fratelli Cosulich Group attended the ESL Annual Agency Meeting 2023


May 08, 2023

Business Unit


The ESL Annual Agency Meeting 2023 took place on the 5th of May.

The event, held in Rome, was attended by 60 participants representing around 40 nations from all continents, including Canada, Japan, South Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and China.

The ESL (Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics), born from the merger of four independent companies active in the maritime industry, has always wanted to represent an added value for the business of its partners and agents, strengthening its shipping and logistics services and offering them worldwide, with the aim of becoming the most renowned African logistics company by 2025.

The event has been the perfect occasion for ESL to physically meet some key persons: Dr. Berisso Amallo Hamato - CEO of ESL, Mrs. Demitu Hambissa Bonsa - Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Italy, Dr. Alemu Sime - Minister of Transport and Logistics of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Our President Augusto Cosulich received the award for the entire Fratelli Cosulich Group as the Best Performing Agent.

The Fratelli Cosulich Group is proud to have received this award and honoured to have had the opportunity to be part of this incredible occasion of international exchange and development.