Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy unveils its new digital presence



November 14, 2023

Business Unit

Marine Energy

Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy business unit proudly announces the launch of an avant-garde website. Founded in 1969 under the astute leadership of the late Capt. Antonio Cosulich and now under the leadership of CEO Timothy Cosulich, also Chair of The International Bunkering Industry Association, Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy has evolved into a preeminent force, consistently ranking among the top 10 global players in the industry. Among the key Features of the new website:

Comprehensive Service Portfolio: Navigate through an extensive showcase of avant-garde services, illustrating the business unit’s commitment to setting new benchmarks in maritime excellence, from logistics optimization to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions.

Global Presence and Expansion: Explore the expansive global footprint that defines Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy’s commitment to providing seamless, world-class services across diverse continents.

Fleet Excellence: Gain insight into the meticulously designed state-of-the-art vessel fleet, reflecting the business unit’s dedication to operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Pioneering Next-Generation Fuels: Delve into initiatives at the forefront of sustainability in the maritime industry, showcasing Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy’s commitment to pioneering cleaner, greener fuels.

Meet Our Distinguished Team: Familiarize yourself with the accomplished professionals steering the success of Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy. Their expertise and dedication underscore the company’s position as an industry leader.

Talent Attraction: Embark on a career path with a global industry leader. The website invites talented individuals to explore rewarding opportunities within Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy, contributing to a legacy of excellence.

The website has been developed by the in-house Commercial Intelligence team at GeneSYS and digital marketing partner TWOW, marking a significant milestone in the history of the Group. All stakeholders familiar with Fratelli Cosulich Group Marine Energy are encouraged to explore the new website, a testament to the organization’s commitment to professionalism, innovation, and sustainability. Visit to experience the future of marine energy.