Fratelli Cosulich Group and XCA proudly announce the establishment of Vehicle Logistic Vado (VLV)



April 04, 2024

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Warehouse and Logistic Services

Fratelli Cosulich Group and XCA proudly announce the establishment of the Vehicle Logistic Vado (VLV). This partnership stems from the synergy between two entities, each bringing unique strengths to the table. They converged their efforts to invest in a strategically located area tailored for FVL (Finished Vehicle Logistic) operations in the Vado Ligure port.

Vado Ligure, the focal point of operations for VLV, offers unparalleled advantages.

The proximity to the sea and the largest area in Italy dedicated to absorbing car sales, coupled with the presence of a port that can, thanks to the rail network, act as a gateway for flows to Northern Europe, contribute to the ideal background for VLV. Strategically positioned near Vado and Savona Ports, with convenient access to major highways leading to Genoa and Turin, Vado Ligure encompasses approximately 31,000 square meters of state-of-the-art facilities, with a strategic plan to get up to 1 30,000 square meters in the near future.   So, VLV is now equipped with the capacity to accommodate around 1,600 vehicles, secure perimeters, fortify the compound and boast rail connections, ensuring efficient logistical operations. This tactical location represents a crucial hub also for automotive logistical needs. We decided to invest in this area, since we consider it as the missing piece of a puzzle of logistics needs for the automotive sector.

The Vado Ligure position in the Mediterranean can serve as the perfect swift spot for the transportation of imported cars in all Europe. In the last two years, the amount of imported cars from the Far East is growing, and the forecast for the next decade is strongly positive. Furthermore, from an ecological perspective, optimizing logistic flows can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and overall improving the environmental sustainability of the entire supply chain.  


STATEMENT MARZIO SANDOLI, CEO OF VLV: “The investment in the establishment of VLV marks a strategic and innovative leap forward in the landscape of backport logistics in Italy. By leveraging the unparalleled combined expertise of Cosulich Group in shipping and logistics alongside XCA-Arcese's prowess in the automotive and FVL (Finished Vehicles Logistics) sectors, we are strategically positioned to capture the flow of cars from the Far East and the Mediterranean destined for the Northern Italian market. Our vision extends beyond mere logistics: we aspire to become the gateway to the European market, offering a compelling alternative to Northern ports. With robust rail connections at our disposal, we are poised to facilitate seamless entry into the European market for our partners and clients.”


STATEMENT AUGUSTO COSULICH, PRESIDENT OF FRATELLI COSULICH GROUP: “We at the Fratelli Cosulich Group are honored to embark on this exciting new venture. We have already had two successful companies with Arcese based in Turkey and Ireland and we are happy that we are now starting a new chapter together. VLV is a partnership with Arcese and Andrea Conti of XCA that fills us with immense pride, showing the importance of building honest human relationships in the business.  I do believe that the rise of new players in the automotive sector presents us with opportunities to stimulate further business growth and, consequently, generate more employment opportunities. With VLV, we are ready to take advantage of these emerging opportunities, trying to shape the future of logistics for this sector, together with our business partner.”



The Fratelli Cosulich Group, internationally recognized as one of the major companies operating in the field of shipping, shipments and logistics, is focused on an international expansion policy. The Group is currently active in 15 business units:

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The Fratelli Cosulich Group has made the diversification of its activities an essential aspect of its operations which has allowed the company to continuously and steadily grow. The Group has its registered office in Trieste and its operational base in Genoa. It is present in major Italian cities with its own offices and, internationally, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ireland, Monte Carlo, Portugal, Brazil, United States and New Zealand. The Group is now made up of more than 130 companies. It achieved a turnover of around 2.2 billion euros in 2022 and employs around 2,500 people around the world.  



Born from the rich legacy of the Conti family’s 40-year history of innovation in vehicle transport, XCA is a dynamic newcomer in the vehicle transportation sector.  With Arcese at the helm, a renowned leader in multimodal transportation across Europe and globally through Ventana Serra, XCA represents a fusion of expertise and experience in integrated logistics.

XCA marks the collaborative effort of the Arcese and Conti families to re-enter the FVL (Finished Vehicle Logistics) domain, drawing from the successful track record of the Arcese Mercurio Group. With a commitment to excellence, XCA pledges to deliver superior service standards, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of its operations.