Ciscato & Company S.r.l. is now part of the Group



October 30, 2023

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Cosulich Group is pleased to announce a new significant milestone in its strategic growth path in the international maritime transport sector. The Group has entered the corporate structure of Ciscato & Company Srl, a company with a solid presence in the global maritime transport sector based in Vicenza.

Lorenzo Momigliano, General Manager of Fratelli Cosulich Group comments on this crucial operation: “Ciscato & Company’s activities represent a perfect synergy with our current portfolio of services and our tangible desire to grow in this area following recently completed transactions. We are excited to integrate Ciscato & Company’s operations into our Fratelli Cosulich Group ecosystem and believe this collaboration will lead to further opportunities for both companies. We are honored to continue to have Mr. Ciscato on board, and we will work closely to ensure a smooth and positive collaboration by capitalizing on his deep connection with clients and the industry. Connections and professionalism will offer us a solid foundation for the future.”

Ciscato & Company Srl was founded in December 1986 and has been active in the international maritime transport sector for over three decades. From its origins, the company offers and operates a conventional maritime service from the North Adriatic to the United Kingdom. This service has allowed us to consolidate ongoing relationships with many of the major Italian and British steel companies and with the operators of numerous ports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Ciscato & Company S.r.l., with its proven team, also regularly operates in export shipments destined for the Mediterranean area, Turkey and North Africa. It offers container shipping to the East, Africa and the Americas. It proposes and manages solutions for shipping exceptional packages and project cargo in Europe and North/South America. For several years it has been offering import services for steel products with container emptying, customs clearance and distribution throughout the country.

This new partnership with Ciscato & Company it matured from the common desire to build synergies which strengthen the position of the Fratelli Cosulich Group in the North East region, sharing and carrying forward the skills and professionalism made by best-serving customers in the steel industry and other strategic sectors. What makes this transaction special is that the founders of Ciscato & Company will initially remain shareholders, maintaining operational and leadership roles within the company.

Enzo Ciscato, Founder and Managing Director of Ciscato & Company S.r.l. states: “In recent years, we have had the opportunity to manage various operational collaborations with the Fratelli Cosulich Group, developing excellent relationships with the management and appreciating their skills. With an eye to the future, the idea of undertaking this relationship was born spontaneously, which will give continuity and development to the services we have provided so far. We are confident that Ciscato & Company and Fratelli Cosulich, together, will be able to continue to propose, develop and provide optimal transport solutions to historic and new customers with whom we will be pleased to begin collaborating.”