Argenton & Soci acquired by GeneSYS Informatica



February 16, 2023

Business Unit

IT Services

GeneSYS is proud to announce the acquisition of the majority of ”Argenton & Soci”, becoming the 115th company of the Fratelli Cosulich Group.

Argenton & Soci was founded in Genoa in 1986 and has operated in the maritime field since then. Initially providing software and IT solutions, over the years, its specialisation has been focused on providing maritime satellite communications. Its services, mainly dedicated to the commercial ships and superyachts sectors, have achieved a very wide market coverage. Thanks to important partnerships and a dense network of relationships built up over the years, today its installations of satellite equipment and communication software are distributed both nationally and internationally. Within the field of satellite communications, over the years it has formed partnerships with Navarino, KVH, Otesat-Maritel and Speedcast, and is growing, to which it offers both certified technical assistance and commercial support, through remote assistance but also on-board services.

“We have long had the desire to become part of a bigger group, with the goal of expanding the reach of our activities even further. We are excited to have joined the Fratelli Cosulich Group, under GeneSYS Informatica, that will reinforce our market position, accessing a broader network of relationships, creating future synergies. The Fratelli Cosulich Group, with whom we share common family business roots and ethics, internationally recognised and with a historical role within the shipping world, will be able to give us the opportunity to expand beyond national borders, becoming stronger and implementing our activities”, says Maurizio Argenton, President of Argenton & Soci.

“This is an exciting day for GeneSYS, the IT company of the Group, operating since the 90s. It’s the second acquisition in the last three years, after Comunico in 2020. This is the proof that we are growing through M&A activities across all operations of the Group. But we have also recently increased our vessels’ fleet with our Shipowning activities, with continuous assets’ investments, that are more crucial than ever. Currently, our aim is to reinforce at 360° our related activities, with correlated services that are primarily useful for the sector, but why not, also for our assets. The acquisition of Argenton & Soci, with its leader role in the field of maritime satellite communications, can only contribute to an improvement not only to our shipowning activities, but also in the portfolio of our IT solutions that we have through GeneSYS guaranteeing synergies among our entities”, affirms Matteo Cosulich, President of GeneSYS Informatica and CEO of the Fratelli Cosulich Group.

GPD STUDIO LEGALE E FISCALE represented by Avv. Medica Niccolò, Andreani Laura, and Momigliano Paolo, provided comprehensive legal support to GeneSYS during the acquisition, while Avv. Baroni Lucia and Vallarino Michela assisted the shareholders of Argenton with their expert guidance.

ABOUT GENESYS INFORMATICA GeneSYS Informatica is the historical IT company of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, offering services to the maritime and logistic industry for the national and international market. Today the company is splitted into 4 main departments: Business Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Information Technologies and Software Development, but it also offers assistance on renewable energy, real estate, cyber-security and new technologies adoption. Since 1995 it has been part of Fratelli Cosulich Group and in the recent years, thanks to a continuous investment in terms of assets, technologies and people, the Company has been able to provide a wider portfolio of products among which:

• software for the management of the logistic supply chain easing the flow of documents and informations between shipping lines, freight forwarders and final customers;

• business intelligence tools for easing the data visualization about operational and financial aspects for any type of companies;

• marketing and commercial support activities for the presence and digital communication in the B2B;

• IT services regarding hardware and infrastructure with a dedicated service 24/7;

In 2020, GeneSYS Informatica acquired the majority of Comunico S.r.l., a renowned company active in the business intelligence and project management field, to reinforce its position and create better synergies for their customers.