Luvitrans International, a specialized road transport operator with a comprehensive reach across the European Union, stands as an IATA-certified entity known internationally for its high-quality and professional services. Following its recent acquisition by the esteemed shipping agency Archimede Gruden S.r.l., Luvitrans International has expanded its already extensive and well-established network of contacts, enabling the provision of an even greater number of increasingly advantageous services to its clientele.

Core competencies in Road Transport:
Luvitrans International has been at the forefront of road transport since its inception, with a core focus on delivering rapid and punctual deliveries throughout Italy and across Europe. The company has developed a vast network of contacts over more than two decades, ensuring privileged and consolidated relationships, particularly with Germany. Beyond the mere movement of goods, Luvitrans offers a wide range of crucial services to its clientele.

Strategic customs and warehousing facilities:
Positioned strategically in the customs area of Concorezzo (MB), Luvitrans International facilitates convenient import and export procedures. The company boasts modern and efficient warehouse facilities, encompassing over two thousand square meters of covered space and extensive open areas for external storage and vehicle maneuvers. Equipped with state-of-the-art lifting and handling systems, these areas ensure the smooth flow of goods.

Warehousing expertise and additional services:
Warehousing is a cornerstone of Luvitrans International's operations, including sorting, palletization, relabeling, deconsolidation, and total or partial distribution. As an IATA Agent, Luvitrans International operates in the air transport sector without intermediaries, offering a concrete logistical and economic advantage to clients. The company's proximity to Milan's airports further enhances its strategic position.

Comprehensive Air Transport services:
Transport to/from the airport is seamlessly executed via road transport, an area where Luvitrans has accumulated extensive experience over the years. Additional services, ranging from customs clearance to logistics and storage, are facilitated by covered warehouses exceeding two thousand square meters and expansive external storage areas, fully equipped with the best tools for handling goods and conducting various activities.

Unlocking synergies with Express Global Group:
The acquisition has significantly expanded Luvitrans International's offerings, drawing on the nearly century-long experience of the renowned shipping agency in Venice. This ensures access to highly advantageous freight rates for clients, along with a well-established, efficient, and reliable maritime transport service.