“Sali a bordo”: GDM and Grimaldi Lines career opportunity event


January 23, 2024

Business Unit

Marine and Offshore Personnel

On January 20th, took place “Sali a Bordo”, organized by GDM (Gente di Mare) in collaboration with Grimaldi Lines.  The event, held at the Sala Conferenze di Palazzo dei Portuali in Leghorn, involved more than 350 attendees, including students and several leading authorities. The goal was to provide new job opportunities in the maritime sector for aspiring maritime workers. 

GDM, representing the region’s major high-level training center, is proud to have played a role in the event, acting as a bridge between shipping companies and aspiring professionals. For Grimaldi Lines, which is currently undergoing a significant expansion, planning new ships with cutting-edge services, this event presented an opportunity to recruit personnel, providing training for both cruise ships and ferries, as well as for offices connected to the fleet.  Distinguished personalities who participated as speakers at the event included Elena Di Tizio from GDM, Dario Balestriere from Grimaldi Lines, Luca Sisto from Confitarma, Claudio Capuano from the Port System Authority, Barbara Bonciani from the Municipality of Livorno, and Valentina Giudice from the Port Captaincy, among many others.

The event was the result of synergies among different sectors – entrepreneurs, maritime professionals, schools, and institutions – collaborating on a shared path to increase maritime employment. This involved understanding the dynamics of the industry and gaining insights from sector experts.  These cooperative and personalized initiatives aim to meet the different specific customers needs, solving their problems and offering increasingly customized solutions. offering increasingly customized solutions tailored to their needs, and those of the industry itself.

"The mission of the event was to incentivize the "professions of the sea," offering concrete and remunerated job opportunities in accordance with the CCNL. The offer was aimed at all ambitious young people interested in working and growing professionally in the world of Hospitality, and in general in the sectors on board our ships", says Elena Di Tizio, CEO of Gente di Mare. 

For Grimaldi Lines, this event had "the mission was to provide efficient, reliable, innovative and high quality services for maritime transport, pursuing a constant process of identifying the needs and expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, social responsibility and transportation solutions that promote environmentally sustainable mobility".