Depolink: a new operation facilities in Velenje


July 28, 2022

Business Unit

Warehouse and Logistic Services

DepoLink, our terminal operator company as part of Dragon Maritime Group of companies, just concluded an agreement with Hisense group for operating an internal container terminal in Gorenje-Velenje factory. With this achievement our group is even more closely linked to Hisense group, representing a very important customer for Cosco shipping lines through Dragon M.Group and all connected companies working in Slovenia > Dragon Maritime as agent, DepoLink as terminal operator and Arko shipping as trucking company.

DepoLink was chosen to operate an internal container terminal for full and empty containers, which will be at the end of this year followed by another, newly built container terminal in the same factory. At the moment we are purely serving Hisense demand as a buffer handling area fort he TV factory, while in future there is a plan to extend the scope of this Hisense/DepoLink terminal to serve also external customers, shipping lines.

We are proud to be part of this story, which represents a big milestone for DepoLink.