Circular economy: sustainability means also business


January 27, 2022

Business Unit

Tramp Agency

Saidelli S.r.l is now managing a new traffic from the Monfer terminal (Savona) to the USA. At the end of 2021, the first load of dried tomato peels cargo has been delivered to the United States. Specifically, the cargo was sent to a company in Fresno (California) that will employ it in the pet food industry.

ATERIMAR S.L., the owner of the load, is a Barcelona trader specialised in vegetables and animal oils for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, infant food industries but also pet food. Its subsidiary company in California is "Mesa Verde Trading", which is active also in Italy under the name "Vento Verde" (located in Cremona), which controls the drying of the husks.

Agenzia Marittima Saidelli is currently working for Aterimar’ request to search and identify an authorized warehouse for the storage of these products between Cremona and Savona (Italy). This would create greater opportunities in increasing cargo flows from Savona to the US.