Catalano Shipping Services introduces LogNav 2.0, a revolution for Yacht management and monitoring



January 23, 2024

Business Unit


Catalano Shipping Services/Agents is proud to unveil LogNav 2.0, a new application designed to enhance the flexibility and security of Vessels management.

In the current maritime landscape, navigating through vessel commercial tax exemptions and addressing different tax complexities has become more challenging and complex to monitor. 

LogNav has been crafted as a web application to simplify and fortify the management of all Vessels operations, ensuring both flexibility and safety. 

LogNav enables captains, brokers, managers, and tax representatives to rely on a dynamic, secure and, above all, automated digital tool, minimizing human intervention and maximizing benefits. 

The application represents the perfect integration to achieve maritime excellence for Yachting and Shipping.  It is a unique algorithm, providing real-time indicators, tracking and predicting the vessel’s position relative to the 70% rule regarding Italian and French Commercial VAT Exemption.

Key Enhancements in LogNav Shipping v. 2.0: 

  • Advanced Algorithm for Precision Navigation: We have significantly enhanced our algorithm to ensure exceptional precision in navigation and compliance, crucial for the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.
  • Real-Time Calculations: The platform now offers real-time data processing, enabling immediate and accurate decision-making in the dynamic maritime environment.
  • Enhanced Control Room: A completely redesigned control room interface offers a more intuitive and streamlined experience.
  • Responsive GUI: The new user-friendly GUI is visually appealing and highly responsive, facilitating smoother user interaction.
  • Revolutionary CSV Integration: The standout feature of LogNav Shipping v. 2.0 is its ability to calculate the entirety of trips with unparalleled efficiency. By simply uploading a CSV manifest file, the platform can process and calculate the complete journey details in a matter of seconds. This feature represents a significant leap in data processing efficiency, reducing manual input time and minimizing the potential for error, thus revolutionizing how our clients manage their navigation compliance.

LogNav remains at the forefront of regulatory compliance, meeting the needs of shipping companies while ensuring compliance with national and international maritime laws. 

Why choose LogNav Shipping 2.0? LogNav guarantees greater operational efficiency by streamlining maritime operations for maximum productivity. Its adaptability to different regulations ensures compliance with applicable laws. The platform generates detailed reports, tailored to the company’s need, providing 24/7 assistance at the same time, underlying LogNav’s commitment to assisting its customers seamlessly.