A night of excitement and prestige: IBIA Annual Dinner in London


March 08, 2024

Business Unit

Marine Energy

London's prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel was abuzz with excitement as the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) hosted its highly anticipated Annual Dinner. The event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world for an evening filled with celebration and networking. The presence of our esteemed CEO, Timothy Cosulich, as the Chairman of IBIA, added an extra layer of significance to this grand affair as this was his last dinner as the Association’s Chairman. With our global team in attendance, the event proved to be a remarkable opportunity for collaboration and recognition within the bunker industry.

The IBIA Annual Dinner served as a melting pot for professionals hailing from different corners of the world. We had the privilege of engaging with industry peers, sharing insights, and forging valuable connections. The event facilitated discussions on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, fostering a spirit of collaboration and unity within the global bunker community. The presence of diverse perspectives and experiences made the event an enriching and memorable experience for all.

In attendance were Chicca Franchini, Karin Girardi and Silvia Corradi (Fratelli Cosulich SpA), Simone Garuzzo (Fratelli Cosulich USA LLC), Alex Mulè (Fratelli Cosulich Middle East DMCC), Michelle Anthoney and Giovanna Arista (Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers PTE Ltd), Eric Tatard (Fratelli Cosulich France SAS), Anthi Tsahilidou (Fratelli Cosulich Greece SMPC), and Marcos Pisoni Barba and Tony Abreu Ferreira (Fratelli Cosulich Monaco SAM).

The Annual Dinner provided an opportunity to reinforce the growth and significance of the Association under Timothy’s leadership. IBIA holds a special place for Fratelli Cosulich Group. Timothy being the second IBIA Chairman, after his uncle Antonio Cosulich who founded the bunker business unit of the family company, fills us with pride; they both have been instrumental in driving the success of the bunker business unit.

This unique distinction makes Fratelli Cosulich the only company with two chairmen. During Timothy’s tenure, he strived to reinforce the idea of IBIA as a member-led organization and to cultivate an environment where individuals felt respected and recognized for their contributions.  The event was made even more memorable by the presence of numerous colleagues who attended, further highlighting the company's commitment to the bunker industry.

The IBIA Annual Dinner was not just a celebration of past accomplishments but also an occasion to look towards the future.  It was a delight to witness many from our thriving team attending the event, the team represents the future of Cosulich Marine Energy. With the new chairman at the helm, Constantinos Capetanakis, we extend our best wishes and good luck for the exciting journey that lies ahead

The IBIA Annual Dinner in London was a night filled with excitement, prestige, and camaraderie.  It served as a platform to reinforce our dedication to driving positive change within the bunker industry.  As we bid farewell to this memorable evening, we carry with us the spirit of collaboration and ambition that will continue to propel the industry forward.