FCdB launches the new Technological Food Production Center and Restaurant project



January 23, 2024

Business Unit


Our colleagues of FCdB proudly unveils a new important project: the Fratelli Cosulich do Brasil Technological Food Production Center.

This facility, equipped with 4.0 technology, has a capacity for 10,000 daily meals, and is set to revolutionize food production and training. It will collaborate with local colleges, offering significant advantages both for food professionals and nutritionists. Along with it, the FCdB’s Commercial Restaurant will be capable of serving up to 500 meals per day, offering a modern and exceptional experience. 

The center will foster improvement, learning, and knowledge exchange among professionals.  Partnering with local universities ensures access to cutting-edge research and technologies, keeping industry professionals up-to-date. 

The use of 4.0 technology marks a significant innovation, optimizing large-scale production and guaranteeing efficiency and quality. Furthermore, it enables FCdB to significantly reduce meal preparation time, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

This milestone project positions FCdB strategically for offshore and onshore contracts in Macaé, with a positive impact on the company, the Group, marine hospitality, industrial restaurants and business partners.