AGS HK Limited rebrands its name into Express Global HK Limited



January 17, 2024

Business Unit

Freight Forwarding and Logistics

From the 1st of January, our freight forwarding company AGS HK Limited proudly announced its rebranding, changing its name to Express Global HK Limited. 

The name change serves the main purpose of unifying operations under a single brand, enhancing commercial prowess, and solidifying its position in the market. 

Stepping into the new year of 2024, Express Global HK embraces fresh opportunities while remaining steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional services.  The company’s unwavering dedication revolves around providing clients with a comprehensive array of top-tier services, always maintaining the same goal: prioritizing the clients’ needs as the focal points of its operations.

This new identity signifies a dedication to elevate standards, reinforcing customer-centric excellence.