Marco Bartoletti



Business Unit managing

IT and Digital ,

Marco's programming passion started in high school thanks to his math teacher, who held a basic Apple II course. At the time, since the computer science degree did not exist, he started the Mathematic one, focusing on IT exams and becoming passionate about building database engines.
With only two exams left to graduate, he decided to turn his passion into work, co-founding the first GeneSYS Informatica S.n.c. with his friends Eugenio and Marco. The first years of the company were mainly focused on research and testing, allowing them to be well-perceived and then to be involved in the GeneSYS Informatica S.r.l. project with the Fratelli Cosulich Group. Consequently, his passion became reality, participating in projects to build programs that allowed the company to go from typewriters, pneumatic mail and telex, to web. His goals have always been to understand the business, and develop applications that would improve the job. Fortunately, after so many years, he did not get bored of this job yet. 

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+39 348 232 8759

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