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IT and Digital ,

During the early 80s, while still attending the "Paganini" conservatory in Genoa, a love affair with home computing took place. Through exchanges, purchases, and work for some Genoa stores, he navigated through various "pioneering" models of personal computers and programming languages, eventually developing some small management systems and falling in love with the potential of the medium. 
Around the early 90s, his passion for music was accompanied by a growing interest in information technology. He met Marco Bartoletti, Marco Devoti, and Marta Cosulich at the Faculty of Mathematics. The encounter with Antonio Cosulich led to an initially individual collaboration related to the Bunker office software, which evolved into the creation of Genesys Informatica Snc in 1991 with Marco Bartoletti and Marco Devoti, and finally Genesys Informatica S.r.l. in 1993 in partnership with Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. 
The initial software focused on meeting management and tracking, later expanding to cover telecommunications (Fax/Telex/Email) and monitoring/alerting. Over time, the focus shifted almost exclusively to IT infrastructure, with recent years also involving real estate for technical equipment and ESG for energy management.

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+39 392 712 7941

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