Our facilities in Brazil between present and future


The incredible transformation of Fratelli Cosulich Do Brasil as it unfolds a new chapter of our story that goes beyond the typical confines of developing business, investing in assets or constructing  a warehouse to embrace a comprehensive vision of culinary and educational excellence.

In the maritime legacy of the esteemed Fratelli Cosulich Group, Fratelli Cosulich Do Brasil has emerged as a culinary luminary since its inception in 2003. Beyond sustenance for offshore platforms, our culinary expertise has elevated gastronomic experiences across the Campos (RJ), Espírito Santo (ES), and Santos (SP) basins. Today, the company has over 500 local employees.

Based in Macaé, 170 km north of Rio de Janeiro, considered the "capital" of Brazilian oil, we purchased in 2015 a warehouse and offices of approximately 5,000 m2 with 4 cold rooms which it uses as a starting point for its offshore operations guaranteeing, through the use of 150 10′ DNV certified containers at controlled and monitored temperatures, approximately 2,500 deliveries per year for the preparation of approximately 2,600,000 meals. And just 4 years after the purchase, with an eye towards the environment, FCdB installed a photovoltaic system in its Macaé base that guarantees approximately 75% of its energy needs. 

But our will is to keep on investing: this is why we are already developing our next project, a Technological Center for food production and training. 

This culinary asset is designed to craft 10,000 meals per day, using Industry 4.0 technology to redefine efficiency and culinary landscapes.

Our project is particularly concerned with the local economy, extending beyond the culinary sphere. Serving 500 meals a day, our 500-seat commercial restaurant demonstrates our dedication to investing in both our company and the thriving local economies in which we operate.
We are expanding to include a development center, a place where we collaborate with nearby colleges to nurture culinary artisans. This program is focused on developing local talent and helping to create a skilled workforce, not just molding future professionals. 

This transformative journey represents more than an expansion: it's a commitment to sustainable practices, culinary innovation, and the holistic prosperity of the regions we call home. From a warehouse designed for offshore efficiency to a multifaceted hub, Fratelli Cosulich Do Brasil is rewriting the script of maritime insights.