Link Industries S.p.A.

For over 25 years Link Industries has offered solutions, among many other products, for thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection, manhole covers in ductile iron and steel, gullies, trench gratings as well as fences and a wide range of nettings.

We are always working alongside designers, retailers, applicators and technical partners, responding concretely to market demands thanks to:

  • innovation and know-how: investments in R&D, make it possible to offer a range of products that comply with the highest quality standards and market regulations, assisting customers in the best business and after-sales solutions;
  • value of its team: Link represents a dynamic operating model made up of long-time professionals, competent technical and commercial experts and a customer-oriented front office;
  • logistics planning and efficiency: the logistics and distribution process is speedily taken care, in all stages of transport and storage, from the origin of the goods to delivery to the customer;
  • research and consolidation of strategic partnerships: Link is the Paroc Owens Corning Group's partner for Italy. Paroc is one of the largest producers of stone wool in Europe. To fulfill the product range and customers' continue new requests, Link cooperates with many leading companies in various sectors of the referred industries. Thanks to its office in Beijing, has qualified personnel to control the Far East sourcing.

Link industries is a fully owned company of Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A., a group with over 160 years history in the shipping industry. Fratelli Cosulich guarantees Link, financial strength as well as important logistic and competitive advantages.


Link has its own offices in Genoa and the main warehouse is in Alessandria: an equipped area of 8.000 square meters for short delivery terms, maximum flexibility in handling the orders and continuous quality control. Link is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company for services provided.

Link's vocation has always been customer oriented, as only a family company actively projected to the future can give.

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To find out more about this business, please visit our website: www.linkindustries.com

Trasteel S.p.A.

In 2020 Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. signed a partnership with Trasteel S.p.A. by acquiring a minority participation equal to 36.95%. This step granted to Fratelli Cosulich Group to gain access to a wide range of logistic opportunities in the steel sector in the whole world. Trasteel business model is based on building consolidated relationships with few selected partners, developing a captive, non-speculative, trading activity. Such consolidated relationships are the result either of specific industrial agreements or of long term offtake contracts or working capital financing deals. This allows Trasteel to provide a full service package to its counterparts, supporting them not only on the physical flows, but also on the financing, risk mitigation and market advisory.

Service and flexibility are the key aspects of Trasteel business model, compared to the rigidity and standardization offered by the big corporations. The primary focus is the steel value chain, including raw materials for the steel industry, refractories, shipping and logistics and trading. The trading activity is an important scouting source for new business opportunities, including industrial investments in specific areas of growth, long-term commercial deals, and commercial, logistic and industrial joint ventures with dedicated partners.

The management of Trasteel and Fratelli Cosulich have developed a deep cooperation over the last ten years and the investment in the company is probably the first one of a series of deals in the whole world, the first one being the acquisition of the majority participation in Officine Tecnosider, a steel plate reroller in Italy, having a production of more than 300.000 mtons per year. Trasteel has become the majority shareholder of Officine Tecnosider in February 2020.



Augusto Cosulich
Chairman, CEO
Phone: +39 337 250 339

Marta Cosulich
Managing Director

Giulia Cosulich
Managing Director for Link Industries

Lorenzo Momigliano
Managing Director for Trasteel
Phone: +39 348 2328760




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