Fratelli Cosulich has been running its catering business since 1946. We have catering and victualling agreements in place to deliver quality onboard and offshore catering services to our customers.

Our offices in Genoa, Madeira and Macaè manage the catering operations of Fratelli Cosulich Group. More specifically, the Genoa offices manage the onboard catering of RO-RO ships, car carriers, cable layers and livestock carriers operating worldwide, and ferries operating in the Mediterranean; in Brazil, the Fratelli Cosulich Group manages these services for offshore units in Rio De Janeiro and Espirito Santo.


We recruit highly qualified staff, have our own, 3200-square-meters warehouse complete with cold rooms and a fleet of 80 dry and reefer containers, all of which enable us to give our customers a comprehensive service.

We recently purchased another 5600-square-meters warehouse (2800 square meters is temperature-controlled from +15°C to -20°C) in the vicinity of Livorno. So the Fratelli Cosulich Group can now offer its customers even more services, including ship provisioning (food, deck, spare parts and engine), trading in construction materials, storage in our customs warehouse on behalf of third parties, and shipping in state-of-the-art refrigerated vehicles.

To find out more about this business, please visit our new website: catering.cosulich.com


Renato Galli
Manager Catering Department




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