Fratelli Cosulich invests strategically in different areas of shipowning, in partnership with leading high quality Italian and international shipowners, taking long term financial positions.

Today Fratelli Cosulich owns 2 x 6500 TDW double hull bunkering tankers (Maria and Teresa Cosulich, named after female family members), operating within the Port of Singapore, where we are physical suppliers. They are being fitted with mass flow meters as per Maritime Port Authority requirements effective January 1st 2017.

Our bunkering tankers are approved by the major oil companies as well as by the most prominent independent oil companies and cargo trader; significant credit lines and solid reputation due an impeccable record which places our Company amongst the most reliable suppliers in Singapore.

Through the company Vulcania s.r.l., Fratelli Cosulich owns also an 82.000 GWT Kamsarmax operating as bulk carrier.

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Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers (S) Pte Ltd

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