Insurance broking

Cosulich Assicurazioni s.r.l. is the insurance consulting and broking company of the Group Fratelli Cosulich S.p.a. Originally it was established as captive broker with the aim of managing the risks and insurance broking all group’s companies insurance policies.
Since a few years, the experience gained in the insurance consultancy and in the insurance broking has been made available also to third parties’ companies, institutions and private entities and users.
The business vision of Cosulich Assicurazioni srl is the same animating all Cosulich Group’s companies since more than 150 years and it is at the same time characterized by the respect of tradition and by high-class innovation.
The target of Cosulich Assicurazioni srl is to grant a surplus value to the client and a service by excellence through the efficiency and the technical professional qualities of its staff.
In order to grant the best protection of risks, our staff investigates and plans ad hoc insurance solutions for the client’s satisfaction and, in addition, through a deep analysis of the risks and their possible origin, is able to suggest appropriate preventive measures.

Selected offices for activities

Cosulich Assicurazioni S.r.l.

Genova - Main office

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